Flagship Beers

Riff Raff Brewing Flagship Beers

Beautiful array of beers

We make beer by hand. We also serve the handcrafted beer we make. We serve our beer in our brewpub for you to enjoy. And we even serve it in other select establishments around Pagosa Springs.

Take it a step further and we serve beers from other craft breweries. Why? Do we like to cut into our profit margins? Do we eschew the values of capitalism? Nope…we simply like to share our favorite beers from all breweries with our guests.

Hang on for the ride. And check out our flagship beers and other seasonal offerings appearing briefly and fleetingly.

Earth-powered Flagship Beer

Available all year long, Riff Raff Brewing’s flagship beers cover a range of yummy styles.

Hopgoblin American IPA: 6.5% ABV, 83 IBUs, 8 SRM

Hopgoblin American IPAThis hoppy nectar features a solid malt backbone supporting an aggressive West Coast hop presence. Citrusy aromas and flavors come through as a result of dry hopping. The mischevious Hopgoblin American IPA  will definitely satisfy your hophead cravings!

Man’s Best Friend American-style Honey Kölsch: 4.0 ABV, 20 IBUs, 5.9 SRM

MansBestFriend_AmericanKolsch_TopProfileEveryone needs a best friend and Man’s Best Friend American Kölsch sure fits that bill. Riff Raff’s interpretation of the strictly regulated Kölsch style produced authentically only by about 20 breweries in Köln, Germany is always approachable and always agreeable.

A clean, crisp, pale golden-yellow delicately balanced beer with a pure white head and very subtle honey flavors and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing finish. Easy drinkin’ and easy to get along with – just like Man’s other Best Friend! Fantastic and thirst-quenching after a day on the slopes or on a hot summer afternoon in the beer garden.

Plebeian Porter: 5.5% ABV, 38 IBUs, 32.6 SRM

Plebeian PorterOur Plebeian Porter is a true beer for the masses. Dark and smooth, this beauty has a rich, roasty aroma with the familiar hints of caramel and chocolate contributed by the dark-roasted malts. A medium alcohol content allows the opportunity to have one (or three!)  with your fellow hoi polloi, riff raff and plebeians. Drinking the Plebeian Robust Porter definitely makes you unique…just like everyone else.

Skallywag English Pale: 5.5% ABV, 47 IBUs, 12.3 SRM

Skallywag English PaleRiff Raff Brewing’s Skallywag English Pale combines sweet maltiness with floral, earthy noble English hops to reach a balance achieved by few since the weeble wobble. This well-balanced ale provides a depth of caramel sweetness and fruity aromas that support a pleasing hoppiness. Brewed to honor the roots of the IPA and other hop bombs, the Skallywag satisfies all that ales you!

Stepchild American Red: 6.0% ABV, 41 IBUs, 16.5 SRM

Stepchild American RedOur Stepchild American Red Ale is quite different from a traditional Irish Red. This beer celebrates the popular hop-addict influence with a deep red color and sweet maltiness. Fresh citrusy hops and a sweet malty aroma make this beer similar to an American IPA but with more coffee-like roastiness with a beautiful red hue, just like your favorite stepchild. This medium-alcohol beer of approximately fits perfectly into the Riff Raff Brewing Company beer portfolio.

Grab a Stepchild Red…you can’t beat it!

El Duende Green Chile Ale: 5% ABV, 34 IBUs, 5 SRM

Riff Raff Brewing Company logoSpanish for “The Goblin”, this pale ale-base elixir has pounds of Anaheim peppers added straight to the boil. The resulting beer encompasses all the best of Southwest Colorado with an intriguing, addicting, prevalent flavor profile containing just the right amount of kick!