Our Kind of Riff Raff Defined?

“Riff Raff Brewing Company. It has a nice ring to it, no? Sure, different images may pop up in different people’s minds, but here is what ‘Riff Raff’ means to us – well, me anyway. It is an eclectic group, often quirky but always fun-loving. I picture something kind of like a ‘mischievous nerd’. This is someone who likes to geek out on a particular subject (for us its craft brewed beer and food that pairs well with it.) Our kind of Riff Raff is someone who appreciates the finer things in life, but often finds the finest of things, the most humor, in the sarcasm of the norm, the irony found in the mundane. We love life and intend to live it to the fullest. We tend to provide a bit of friendly ridicule for people that forget to show up to live their own life, but then may try to encourage them along with a fresh fine brew.  Cheers to life and hoppiness. Hoppy beer, hoppy people, hoppy earth.”

Randy Schnose, Co-founder / Head Brewer

The Story

Governor Hickenlooper with the four founders, Randy and Eleanor Schnose on the left, Jason and Shelly Cox on the right.

Governor Hickenlooper with the four founders, Randy and Eleanor Schnose (left), Jason and Shelly Cox (right.)

Riff Raff Brewing Company was born as many great ideas often are – over pints of beer shared amongst friends.  It just so happened that these pints were brewed by homebrew aficionados Randy and Eleanor Schnose and Jason and Shelly Cox.  Randy and Eleanor hail from Arizona; well, at least that’s where they met and started their life together.  Eleanor was really raised in Seattle and is a diehard Seahawks fan, which led to some spiciness during Super Bowl XLVIII – that was when the Broncos got their butts kicked by the Seahawks for those of you who weren’t paying attention.  Jason and Shelly are Texas Tech alums (Guns up!) and can still be heard speaking with a slight Southern drawl.  All four found Pagosa Springs, Colorado in the early 2000s and fell in love with the small, mountain town.  After years of brewing together and dreaming, the squad, along with Denver partner and dear friend, Mike Simbro, decided to pool their various expertises in business, management, and beer to form Riff Raff Brewing Company.

Founded in 2013, Riff Raff operates in downtown Pagosa Springs, CO in an 1896 Victorian style house – one of the oldest buildings in Pagosa.  Not only does RRBC brew all six of our yummy Flagship beers and five different seasonal taps that rotate constantly to keep things fresh and inventive, but we also feature eclectic and unique twists on burgers, nachos, and salads, including goat, lamb, and yak burgers.  We strive to use locally sourced ingredients when applicable in our brews and menu items.  The building itself has enough character to match the Riff Raff that so frequently wander through our doors.  Everything from a doctor’s office, hair salon, dance studio, flower shop, carpet store, even a mortuary has been housed in our historic building.

geothermal piping

RRBC Geothermal heat exchanger, located in the basement underneath the dining room, supplies the heat for all the domestic water and air.

RRBC has tapped into the local spring-fed geothermal heating coming from the deepest hot spring in the world! Seriously, Guinness World Book of record status.  Look it up.  We are the second brewery in the United States to do so, meaning we really supply Pagosa Springs with Earth Powered Beer.  Pagosa Springs is roughly translated to mean “healing waters,” due to the nature of the Hot Springs, and as locals and visitors have come to learn, RRBC is home to Pagosa’s other healing water.

So celebrate hoppiness.  Hoppy beer, hoppy people, hoppy earth.  Come hang out with the Riff Raff and let us share our journey with you!


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    2 days ago

    Safety first!! ...

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    Come on in and try our newest adventure project! Ribbons of Euphoria is a juicy, hazy double IPA. On tap at both locations. ...

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    3 weeks ago

    Hey, my name is Tom Bennett one man band. I have performed at your brewery on a few tours in past. I'm coming back June 21 and would love to book a show with you. ...

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    1 month ago

    Riff Raff Brewing Company

    There will be 2 upstream RED buoys for paddlers to negotiate in the river directly in front of the The Springs Resort & Spa during the downriver race. ALL boat must make these upstream moves or be deducted 2 minutes per missed buoy. Upstream buoys must be entered from downstream and cannot be entered from upstream. Watch how these pros navigate upstream buoys on this course from the Pan Am Games. ...

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    Only 2 days till race time! Pagosa Paddle is hosting the first ever whitewater race through downtown Pagosa Springs! You can check out all the information at Colorado-Oregon Rafting Team's page. But a couple things you should know right away!
    - If you need equipment to run the river, Pagosa Outside will provide any team with:
    Boat, paddles, river gear, a shuttle, and even a
    guide if you want for only $50! To sign up with
    Pagosa Outside, you need to do so by tomorrow
    AM at the latest.
    - The festivities start this Saturday morning the 18th by the Gazebo in Yamaguchi Park. At 11am, everyone is welcome to take a fun run/practice run and get used to navigating the features that have been set up (post to follow concerning these buoy obstacles). This is also your chance to be videotaped so that we can watch your awesome run on the big screen at Riff Raff on the Rio later in the evening.
    - Race Registration is at 2:30pm at Riff Raff on the Rio, and it's only $15 per person. This includes a shuttle, insurance, schwag, awesome deals on beer and food at the Rio, and a soaking pass for the Springs Resort and Spa!
    - Downriver mass start race begins at 4pm in front of Riff Raff on the Rio. Race starts will be by class (hard shell kayak, inflatable kayak, fun raft, pro raft, and SUP).
    - After the races, around 6:30PM, there will be awards, cash prizes, discounted Riff Raff fare, and a gear auction at Riff Raff on the Rio.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Riff Raff on the Rio this Saturday!

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