All Colorado Beer Festival 2016

All Colorado Beer Festival

This past weekend was the All Colorado Beer Festival in Colorado Springs. Riff Raff joined 73 other breweries from all over the state to showcase some delicious brews, compete in various categories, and raise money for Colorado Springs area nonprofits. This was the 10th anniversary for the Festival, and to date, proceeds raised have been upwards of $315,000! In past years, organizations such as Theatreworks and the Empty Stocking Fund have been beneficiaries of this awesome generosity. Because not only does half the price of each ticket to the Festival go towards these organizations (and they can be a tax write-off!), but also, the brewers aren’t paid to be there. All the beer is generously donated for a good cause. And last but certainly not least, the entire staff for the Festival is purely volunteer-run. This is a pretty rad event that Riff Raff was stoked to be a part of!

This year there were 74 breweries in attendance; included in that number were 3 cideries. Coaltrain Wine & Liquor, J&K Liquors, and the Brass Tap were all there as well to add a special selection of beers to the mix. Riff Raff had a great time pouring beer for nearly 3200 guests, and we even got two awards!acbfawards2016 We received Gold in the Specialty IPA category, and went all the way for Best of Show for our Stepchild American Red! Such an honor amongst so many incredible craft breweries of this great state!

Speaking of our great beer state, did you knowacbfkyle that Colorado ranks 3rd in the country for the number of craft breweries (284), and 2nd in the country for Annual Craft Beer Consumption (approximately 14.1 gallons)? Good work, Colorado! We do love our beer. We only have Vermont and Oregon ahead of us for most craft breweries per capita! It’s good to have goals, ya know?

Long story short, Riff Raff had a great time at the All Colorado Beer Festival, and we are very much looking forward to next year. Put it in the ol’ calendar! And in the meantime, swing by the restaurant for an award-winning Stepchild Red. She’ll be waiting. Stepchild American Red