Autumn at Riff Raff

Post-Crazy (Autumn) Season

With Labor Day, ColorFest, and summer now behind us, we have entered a season where we can sit back and catch our breath for a moment. Summer is always a tremendous amount of fun: showing off Pagosa’s beautiful scenery, meeting people from all different places, enjoying the almost nightly events in town of live music and outdoor games, and of course, all the fun the San Juan River provides us in the forms of tubing, rafting, and fishing.

With all this fun, and all the visitors, that means a whole lotta beer got drunk too! Towards the end of summer we were just trying to keep up. We had to focus on brewing our six Flagship beers that we promise in stock to our customers every day, so the consequence of that was our seasonals dropped off. How sad to sit at the bar just a few days after Labor Day to see one lonely seasonal listed, our Barley Wine, but we can also look back on a busy summer and be proud of all the people we reached with our craft brews.

So now that we’ve had a few weeks to catch our breath, high-five each other for surviving the summer, and brew some more beer, our seasonal list is starting to look less-sad. In addition to our Barley Wine, we have our Not-sober-fest Oktoberfest on, and hiding in our Outlaw Tap is our El Duende brewed with a tequila extract – the Tequila Duende. It is smooth and creamy and warming. Right down to your soul. Right now back in the brewery, our infamous 99 Shilling Scottish Ale is a-brewin’, and is expected to be on tap in a few weeks. Be sure to plan a trip!

If you’re not near Pagosa Springs, you can track down our beer in other places. These days Riff Raff is getting to be known all over Colorado. We’re slingin’ beer to the Four Corners area (Durango & Bayfield), into our neighbor mountain towns (South Fork), and we’re even starting to infiltrate Denver and the Front Range (Denver, Littleton, Castle Rock, and more! See if you can stop us now!).

So come on down, have a seat at the not-so-packed bar, chat with one of our rad (and sometimes dread-locked, sometimes bearded, but never frightening) bartenders, relax, and enjoy a beer and some nachos. And thank you for all your continued and ongoing beer-drinking-support of Riff Raff through this season and the next! Cheers to an awesome summer! Into Autumn we come…

Cheers! Stef.

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    2 days ago

    Safety first!! ...

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    Come on in and try our newest adventure project! Ribbons of Euphoria is a juicy, hazy double IPA. On tap at both locations. ...

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    3 weeks ago

    Hey, my name is Tom Bennett one man band. I have performed at your brewery on a few tours in past. I'm coming back June 21 and would love to book a show with you. ...

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    1 month ago

    Riff Raff Brewing Company

    There will be 2 upstream RED buoys for paddlers to negotiate in the river directly in front of the The Springs Resort & Spa during the downriver race. ALL boat must make these upstream moves or be deducted 2 minutes per missed buoy. Upstream buoys must be entered from downstream and cannot be entered from upstream. Watch how these pros navigate upstream buoys on this course from the Pan Am Games. ...

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    Only 2 days till race time! Pagosa Paddle is hosting the first ever whitewater race through downtown Pagosa Springs! You can check out all the information at Colorado-Oregon Rafting Team's page. But a couple things you should know right away!
    - If you need equipment to run the river, Pagosa Outside will provide any team with:
    Boat, paddles, river gear, a shuttle, and even a
    guide if you want for only $50! To sign up with
    Pagosa Outside, you need to do so by tomorrow
    AM at the latest.
    - The festivities start this Saturday morning the 18th by the Gazebo in Yamaguchi Park. At 11am, everyone is welcome to take a fun run/practice run and get used to navigating the features that have been set up (post to follow concerning these buoy obstacles). This is also your chance to be videotaped so that we can watch your awesome run on the big screen at Riff Raff on the Rio later in the evening.
    - Race Registration is at 2:30pm at Riff Raff on the Rio, and it's only $15 per person. This includes a shuttle, insurance, schwag, awesome deals on beer and food at the Rio, and a soaking pass for the Springs Resort and Spa!
    - Downriver mass start race begins at 4pm in front of Riff Raff on the Rio. Race starts will be by class (hard shell kayak, inflatable kayak, fun raft, pro raft, and SUP).
    - After the races, around 6:30PM, there will be awards, cash prizes, discounted Riff Raff fare, and a gear auction at Riff Raff on the Rio.
    Looking forward to seeing you at Riff Raff on the Rio this Saturday!

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