Cheers to Paul!

In support of American Craft Beer Week (ACBW), we’re sending out a cheers to a wonderful friend of Riff Raff Brewing Company and a heck of a brewer himself, Paul Ogg. Paul taught one of Riff Raff’s founding partners how to homebrew and judge beer back in 2006 in Denver and Paul has been an inspiration for the Riff Raff experience since we opened in 2013. Paul is a founding partner in his own brewery now, Declaration Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado, and Declaration partners with Riff Raff Brewing by giving Riff Raff cold storage space for keg distribution in the Denver area.

Paul currently is fighting an aggressive cancer and Riff Raff brewed a beer from one of Paul’s recipes–Tears In Rain English Bitter–to serve in its Pagosa Springs brewpub and to use profits from the beer as a fundraiser for Paul. Tears In Rain, released in late February, has been a great way to tell Paul’s story and provide some financial support for Paul and his family during the fight against cancer. To date, Tears in Rain has enabled Riff Raff Brewing to send more than $1,500 to Paul’s family and that number will grow as sales of Tears In Rain continue.

Yesterday, for the Nation-Wide American Craft Beer Week Toast at 6 pm Mountain time, tens of thousands of craft beer enthusiasts from around the country raised a glass of craft brew to honor the craft beer movement in America. Many of those toast participants raised a glass of Imperial Porter brewed by over 100 breweries in all 50 states and using a recipe from Paul’s homebrewing days. We toasted with Tears In Rain at Riff Raff to support Paul and American Craft Beer Week as Paul shared his recipe for the easy-drinking English Bitter as a gift to Riff Raff.

Check out more about Paul’s craft beer story and battle against cancer on USA Today. Paul, his wife and two young daughters live in Golden, Colorado, where Paul teaches biology at Colorado School of Mines. Please send your thoughts and prayers the Ogg family’s direction as Paul continues the cancer fight.