Current Seasonals – What’s on Tap

Current Seasonals.

Let’s talk about what’s on tap, shall we? I mean, we are a craft brewery, after all, and we like to keep things fresh around here. So in addition to our year-round brews, right now we have a Tart Cherry Blonde, Tears in Rain, Spruce Juice, Misfit Wit, and our Spirited Shilling Outlaw.

The Tart Cherry is a brilliant fruit beer for people who don’t like fruity beers! It is a light-bodied sessional beer, brewed with aged Montmorrency cherries. This type of cherry is tart, not sweet, so if you’re not into sweet beers, try this one out. You get one of your fruit servings of the day with your pint!

Our Tears in Rain is a light-bodied ESB brewed in honor of our friend, Paul Ogg, to help with his medical expenses. See our post about our buddy Paul!

Spruce Juice is a colonial ale brewed straight from new growth from local spruce trees that we harvest ourselves every year. It’s a delightfully tasty beer, and when you’re drinking it, you feel like you’re leaning up against a spruce tree, surrounded by Colorado wild flowers, watching the woodpeckers… not a building in sight. The perfect camping beer.spruce tip

The Misfit Wit is our newest on tap! A lovely wheat beer, with notes of citrus and coriander. A little spice, a little tart. Not as intense as a hefeweizen, but with a nice malty, crisp, dry, smooth finish. This beer is going on tap today, and tonight we’re having a special food pairing just in celebration of the Wit. So come indulge in chicken marinated in orange and pineapple juice, topping a delicious salad, with orange marmalade dressing, with, of course, a Misfit Wit on the side.Misfit wit

Last, but certainly not least, our current Outlaw beer, the Spirited Shilling. This is our 99 Shilling beer, aged in scotch oak barrels. A cool, strong, dark beer that’s just perfect for those rainy, windy springtime-in-the-rockies sort of days. Not sure if it’ll be sunny or snowy? Hunker down at Riff Raff and enjoy a Spirited Shilling.

And guess what’s brewing? We just put together a Barley Wine. This delightful, near 10% beer will be released in October. It needs at least 4 months to reach its full, wonderful, delicious, aged potential. We know you were planning a visit to Riff Raff before then anyway, so this just gives you an excuse to come visit again.