Andrew Wynne Live!

6:00 pm

November 2, 2016

Rock / Acoustic Rock / Folk Rock

Born in New York and raised in Colorado, Andrew Wynne explores the acoustic folk-rock frontier andrew-wynne-2with his Martin guitar and dynamic, soul-soaked vocals on countless classic covers. And then he brings it all back home to his inspired original songs with their intricate rhythms and visionary lyrics.

After cutting his teeth as a solo artist in Brooklyn (1999-2003) and Telluride (2003-2010), Andrew toured New Zealand (2009) and Ecuador (2010) for extended periods, playing taverns and hostels in timeless troubadour style. He has since performed in Dublin, Ireland (2010) and La Manzanilla, Mexico (2015) and recorded an original demo in South Austin, Texas produced by guitarist/songwriter Will Knaak (Wade Bowen, Tyrone Vaughn) in 2011.

Subsequent recordings include with Michael Scherr and Silas Mera Thompson (In Your Head Productions) in 2011, with bassist/producer Jonathan Bohannon (Saved By Aliens, P*Nuckle) in 2013 and a current album in progress with producer/guitarist Alex Tyler (The Village) due for release in 2016.

Andrew continues to deliver passionate solo performances all over Colorado (85 dates in 2015), occasionally with Chris Field (Tori Pater, Sam Holt Band) backing him on violin and mandolin. In addition to playing dozens of local breweries, bars and restaurants throughout the Centennial State, he has performed at Desert Rocks Music Festival in Moab, Utah in 2011 and at the Weehawken Arts Ridgway Rendezvous Festival in Ridgway, Colorado in 2013 and 2014.