Gleewood Live

6:00 pm

March 29, 2018

Gleewood is an easygoing band with a wonderful stage presence that is bound to make you smile as you rock out with their Americana tunes!

The acoustic rock songwriting style of Jhett Schiavone (Guitar & Vocals) meets western and folk tradition of New Mexican cowgirl, Callie Sioux (Bass and Vocals) to bring an unlikely, and at-once recognizable sound to the folk/rock scene. Gleewood blends cowboy and hippie to create a kind and laid-back stage presence sure to be remembered.

In short, if in some alternate universe, Johnny Cash learned how to play guitar under a palm tree with Jack Johnson and started writing with an Irish Zoey Deschanel in the late 60’s,… That might sound like Gleewood’s first release.­­­­ Jhett’s bass baritone vocals weld with Callie’s high clear melodies to produce an enjoyable and unique sound.

Since November 22nd of 2013, their converse and cowboy boots have trodden through over 350 shows and across 9 different states. Uprooted and dedicated, Gleewood has emerged and held their ground with continued community radio play including 5 stations internationally playing their original music.

In their first year alone they have opened for country legend John Michael Montgomery, played at the Sundance Film Festival and opened for the Voice’s own Grace Askew. And this year has already seen them opening for the Marshall Tucker Band at Billy the Kid Casino on June 18th 2015.

Their first album features fellow, native New Mexican, Myles Erdman (drums and percussion), and Corinna Ripple (Fiddle) from the Flying “J” Wranglers. Gleewood is now touring with their neighbor and beatsmith, Rio O’Neal (drums and percussion).

Their original material is evoked with instrumental ingenuity and lyrics, reflecting day-to-day dilemmas uplifted with their Biblical faith, and made emotionally tangible with a raw, organic feel. This year, Gleewood,  has released a new CD with DVD project featuring the same talent, new songs and more energy,  and will be releasing a new single recorded with Secret Circus Studios out of Roswell, NM and Stockholm, Sweden.

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