Release of Sut’s Lager – Fundraiser Event

12:30 pm

March 4, 2016

Riff Raff is releasing Sut’s Faux-Kanee American Lager – donations will be made to WOLF.

Join us in celebrating Colin Sutton’s life and love of the outdoors!

WOLF, the Winter Outdoor Learning Fund, is founded by Wolf Creek Ski Patrollers and run by all kinds of fun loving folks who want to share their love for the mountains in the winter!

We are raising money to send enthusiastic people to educational programs that expand the base of well informed people in the backcountry.  With a couple of fundraising events each year, we want to provide scholarships to young people in local mountain towns to be able to attend avalanche education and wilderness medical courses to help expose them more to the outdoors in a safe and fun way.    The fundraising events will center on our stengths and passions, namely ski and snowboard movies, playing cards, and of course, beer!  In order to reach our goal for the year, we hope to raise $1000 to offer two $500 scholarships to a couple of fired up youths to get out there and do some learning.  We are hoping to reach our goal by the end of January to be able to enroll our scholarship winners in courses this winter.  It would mean a lot to us to give these kids an opportunity to enroll in some adventurous, fun, and potentially life changing courses in the  snowy outdoors.  In providing these scholarships, we hope to support and develop the outdoor community, and bring more enthusiastic, fun loving people into a tight knit local group of backcountry friends.  It would honor and celebrate all of our snow buddies, past, present, and future to raise money for our excited and deserving future mountain rockstars!