Fresh Look – Riff Raff Gets New Wood

Fresh Look.

Right now is considered “shoulder season” in our little mountain town; the time between when the ski resort closes and when the summer activities really start. We take this opportunity while Pagosa is a little slower and quieter to give Riff Raff a fresh look. So we closed our doors for 10 days to deep clean the restaurant, make some improvements to our kitchen, and install some sweet, new wood floors.

Jason Dockter, of Colorado Wood Werks here in Pagosa Springs, just happened to have a bunch of leftover wood from various other projects just sitting in storage. So when the idea of putting in new floors came up, Jason offered up this miscellaneous mixture of wood. As he put it, “it was a perfect juxtaposition of a mixture of wood with a mixture of people.” Describing Riff Raff at its best! We do know how to bring a variety of people through the doors!

rrbcnewfloorThis mixture of wood is made up from 7 different species. We got red & white oak, reclaimed pine, alder, western chestnut, hickory, and the darker pieces are walnut. Since they were all from different jobs, the wood pieces were not the same size, and some had to be sanded down more than others so everything would fit together nicely. But the installation went smoothly, and the project was finished in time for us to re-open our doors.

We re-opened last week, and while the town is still in that sleepy, slow mode, we have started to see more travelers mosey through. The river is rising and flowing quite a bit faster these days, bringing the first handful of kayakers and rafters with it. So what to do after that first-of-the-season float down the San Juan? Seems like an obvious choice… come check out Riff Raff’s rad new floors, maybe grab a “Got Wood?” sticker to support Jason and CO Wood Werks for the amazing job they did, and indulge in a Stepchild Red or a HopGoblin IPA. We’ll see you there!