Homebrewers of Pagosa Springs – HOPS meeting notes 1.11.16

This is how you shill the wort in Colorado!

This is how you chill the wort in Colorado!

HOPS Meeting

Jan. 11th, 2016

11 attendees

Hoppy New Beer everyone!  We’ve had a great start to the year so far!  Sandy and Maddy each brought a homebrew to share, plus Randy, Peter, and Dave brought some special beers for us to enjoy as well.  In addition to tasting, we discussed what goals we have for the club this year.  Any and all input is welcome, so please send your thoughts to Randy or Maddy (and yes, I do like to refer to myself in the third person.)

Some ideas we came up with:

Continue exploring beer education – why do we like certain beers

Bimonthly style of the month

Dedicate other meetings to BJCP sensory training, blind tastings, adjuncts, building recipes, grain profiles, detecting infections, etc.

Doing more group brewing events!!! Teach Your Friend to Homebrew Days and one or two others.

Get the HOPS website up and running again

Have a calendar of events so we aren’t just relying on Randy’s emails to let us know what’s going on.  There is a way to send emails through the website, you just have to register with the site.  We will try to keep you updated on that so you aren’t thinking it’s spam.

Until then, here is what we are thinking for the next couple meetings:

February – Stout month focusing on traditional stouts, staying away from Imperials.

March – BJCP tasting and judging

April – adjuncts / talk to Peter about what Spring beers will available.

The first weekend in May is another Learn to Homebrew Day.  We are thinking we’ll host at Riff Raff again.  More details to come.

To cap things off…Sandy made a chocolate cherry Imperial Stout.   He used actual chocolate bars during flame out and secondary.   One bar had cherries in it and he also used frozen cherries.  The beer was very drinkable and totally tasted like a chocolate covered cherry.  Good job Sandy!

Maddy made an IPA using citra and cascade.  The carbonation was lacking a bit but that’s because she turned off the Co2…which is something you are not supposed to do!!! The ABV could be anywhere from 3.6 to 5.5% as an the initial gravity reading was not accurate.  Overall, clean bear. Yay!