Learn to Brew Day 2016

Learn To Brew Day 2016

homebrewers doughing in the mash on Riff Raff's 3 barrel system!

homebrewers doughing in the mash on Riff Raff’s 3 barrel system!

Riff Raff Brewing Co invited HOPS (Homebrewers Of Pagosa Springs) to come and brew with the almost-big-boys for the annual Learn To Brew Day festival. Every year on the first Saturday of May, homebrewers across the nation get together and brew beer. The HOPS club has been doing this in Pagosa for several years and this year we mixed things up a bit. We brewed a 100 gallon batch on the production brewhouse at Riff Raff and then let all the homebrewers take that unfermented beer home to see what kind of creative twists they could put on it. Variations include different yeast strains, different dry hopping techniques, oak aging and even some “out there” concoctions like adding green olive juice or tobacco to the beer (beer and a cigarette all in one)! We are looking forward to seeing how some of these creations turn out!

Cheers ~
Randy Schnose