OUTLAW Tap – A Day in the Brew Life by Stefanie Rolston

ricky outlaw brewSo Riff Raff is doing this thing called an Outlaw Tap. 10 gallon experimental beers available only here at the brewery. My partner works in the back here on the restaurant side, and so I spend quite a bit of time here, drinking beer, using the wifi, and getting to know the incredibly friendly staff. One of the owners, and brewers, Randy, asked us one day if we had any ideas for the Outlaw, and if we came up with anything, to let him know. At the time they had an Andes Mint stout on tap, with the next beers up being a Cucumber Gose and Prickly Pear Saison (all delicious, by the way). My partner, Ricky, had an idea for a beet beer. Sweet and spicy.

Next thing we knew, Randy and Ricky were sitting down to create a new beer. Hops and grains picked out (an American pale ale-style), 3 beets, a few ounces of fresh ground black pepper, and 2 pounds of honey. This was all super cool as it was: Ricky’s idea for a beer was going to be brewed here, at Riff Raff! And put on tap! Then it got better: both Ricky and I were invited to be a part of the brewing process.

A week later we came to Riff Raff and spent the day with Randy and Eleanor, creating the beet beer. We were able to learn all about brewing beer (beer being something we’re passionate about,outlaw patio brew but had never created ourselves), hang out with some of the coolest people we know, and have a few pints in the process! It is apparently very bad juju to brew beer without drinking beer. We wouldn’t dare mess with the juju. I mean, it was for the good of the beer.

The brewing took place mostly outside, and here in Pagosa Springs, the weather can change drastically day-to-day. So it was cold. We were all bundled up with beers in hand, campfire going nearby, the brew boiling and boiling. A few passerbys would stop and inquire about our activities, to which we would happily chat them up and invite them to come back in a couple of weeks and check out the beet beer. We had such a great time learning about beer and hanging out at the brewery. As of right now, the last beer on the Outlaw Tap was a Red Chili Stout, which just got finished off the other day. Beet beer is up next. All of us can’t wait to get a taste of the Bumble Beet! Come to Riff Raff and check it out.

Stefanie Rolston
outlaw patio brew crew