Outlaw Tap – Olive Beertini

The Olive Beertini!

Who doesn’t love a good martini with a few green olives? Ok, we know there are people out there who don’t like green olives, but just hear us out. So you know those delicious beer-brined eggs we make? And those delightful pickles? We decided to try brewing a couple of different beers with that beer brine base. Have you ever tried our beer-brined eggs?! Because you probably should. The first beer we brewed was a pickle beer (the Pucker-Up Pickle Pale) for our Outlaw Tap, and it went faster than I could even write about it! So then…

We used that same base and, you guessed it, put a handful of green olives in the keg with it. One of our brewers, this guy who goes by Roger (he’s alright…), has a favorite beer that goes by the name PBRtini (quite literally, a PBR with a green olive in it, also known as a Red Neck Lava Lamp, as the olive floats and sinks repeatedly). So our green olive beer will go by the name The Olive Beertini! And yes, even get served with a green olive.

It’s a delightfully light beer, a little sweet, a little salty. There is a hint of green olive, but not overpowering. You’ll swirl your glass, have sophisticated conversations at the bar, and feel like the most interesting person in the world. At least in Riff Raff. Because let’s face it, you probably are the most sophisticated person in Riff Raff. And you’ll enjoy that Beertini to its fullest.

The Olive Beertini just went on tap, so hurry on down because, well, we only have 10 gallons of it! And we all know what happens when our regular beer-drinkers in this town get a whiff of something new…