Riff Raff Autumn Seasonals 2016

Autumn Seasonals

Twice a year, during Pagosa’s “off-seasons” of early Spring and late Fall, Riff Raff closes its doors for about a week for deep-cleaning, remodeling, and resting up for the busy season. This week we’re closed for some remodeling of our restrooms and making sure everything is sparkly clean and ready for the Winter season. When we re-open, we will have some new seasonal brews on tap that we think you should come check out!

Our Peach Wet Hop is an all-Colorado brew. We used 40 pounds of freshly pureed peaches from Palisade, CO to give the hops-on-vinebeer a subtle hint of fruit without taking away from the fresh Cascade and Nugget hops. The hops are from the Los Pinos Hop Farm in Bayfield, CO. This is the second year we have harvested hops from them. For it to be a wet hop, the hops are harvested and added to the brew within 24 hours. Fresh.  hop-vines

We also have a Plum Wheat on tap. A standard American wheat beer aged on a plum puree. Very smooth, gentle on the senses. A pretty delightful “toast to the end of Summer” type of brew. 

spruce tipOne of our seasonal favorites, the infamous Spruce Juice, is back with a twist! Last year we had tried it aged with cranberries and it was a huge hit, so we brought it back this year. Locally harvested Spruce tips is what gives this beer such a unique taste. Like you’re drinking in the San Juan’s themselves. So our Cran-Spruce Juice is a-brewin’ and will be on tap soon! eleanor-celebrates-good-harvest

We also decided there needed to be a breakfast beer on our seasonal list. So we took our oatmeal stout and added life-giving coffee to it. We used organic course ground coffee as a secondary addition to the brew, and it only soaked in the beer for about a day. Now, our Coffee Oatmeal Stout is ready to get your morning started right!

Our 99 Shilling is one of our recurring, and quite popular, seasonals. It is a dark Scottish Ale that will bring out the warrior within you. Next to a big, juicy Yak burger, who could ask for anything more?

Our Hazelnut Porter is on our Outlaw Tap. We brewed hazelnut extract with our Plebeian Porter. The porter is dark and smooth, with hints of caramel and chocolate, and the hazelnut adds another level of nutty, dark flavor. Tastes like Fall. 

So there’s what we have to look forward to! Make a special trip to Riff Raff soon to not only admire our beautiful bathrooms and sparkly kitchen, but to give our delicious seasonals a sip. Cheers!