Riff Raff Keepin’ the Earth Hoppy

Green CO2 System

Riff Raff Brewing Company utilizes Geothermal Heat from the world’s deepest hot spring for heating the building, brewing operations and snow melt. However, our “thinking green” does not stop there. Riff Raff also uses what is called a “Green CO2” system as well as a Nitrogen generator.

Breweries use a lot of CO2 in the brewing processes and in the restaurant, and most breweries have bulk CO2 systems so that they have lots on hand. The problem with standard bulk CO2 systems is that when the gas supplier needs to fill the bulk tank, they have to open a venting valve on the top of the tank to release pressure build up. As the liquid CO2 goes into the tank, a lot of the liquid turns into gas and needs to be vented – and that vented CO2 is just going out into the atmosphere. The hippie side of Riff Raff is not down with that.

With our Green CO2 system, we have a series of bulk tanks as well. The great part with ours is that instead of venting all that CO2 into the atmosphere, we collect that CO2 vapor in a series of other tanks. Estimates indicate we are saving 25-30% more CO2 than traditional bulk tanks. In addition, we are not contributing to the added energy usage involved with filling and transporting multiple smaller tanks every week.

Nitrogen Generator

Riff Raff Brewing Company utilizes a piece of equipment called a Nitrogen generator. There is a lot of nitrogen that gets used  for dispensing our beer (Nitrogen helps prevent over carbonating the beer when using gas pressure to push the beer from the keg to the bar). The Nitrogen generator is basically a compressor with an additional unit that pulls the nitrogen directly out of the air and then compresses it into a tank for us to use. There are several benefits of using a Nitrogen generator. First off, we have an unlimited supply of Nitrogen without ever having to worry about running out. We also no longer need to monitor tanks and switch them out when they are getting low. It is more cost effective than using individual tanks, too. However, one of the best benefits is we are no longer are contributing to the energy use required to fill, transport and rotate these tanks. This further helps Riff Raff to cut down our carbon foot print and keep our earth happy. Hoppiness… Hoppy People, Hoppy Earth, Hoppy Beer.

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