Takeout Tuesdays – Restaurant Guidance

This page contains information for restaurants participating in Takeout Tuesdays in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, on Tuesdays throughout the month of April 2020. Each week in April, a rotating group of restaurants will provide free meals to residents of Archuleta County. Participating restaurants will be reimbursed $500 through a sponsorship with the Town of Pagosa Springs, Archuleta County and Census 2020, and program coordinators ask that each restaurant serve at least 50 meals for this reimbursement amount.

You can access the public information page by going to https://riffraffbrewing.com/takeout-tuesdays/.

See the notes below for a few guidelines about the Takeout Tuesdays program. After launching on April 7, 2020, program coordinators learned a lot from the first four restaurants that participated and and the guidance below incorporates many best practices garnered during Week One. Contact [email protected] for additional information or if you have questions.

Program Goals

  • Help out restaurants while helping people in need in the community
    • Reach as many people as possible with a free meal through the program
    • Don’t strive to make huge profit but more to provide an opportunity to serve the community and establish goodwill while marketing restaurants in Pagosa
  • Promote interaction w/ public officials
    • Share information from both Town and County as well as Census 2020
  • Keep restaurant operations streamlined and not complicated to handle the program

Program Guidance

  • Serve at least 50 meals for your $500 allotment ($10/meal) and try to hit 60 or 70 meals
    • Each restaurant will receive a $500 reimbursement from a combination of the Town of Pagosa, Archuleta County and Census 2020
  • Restrict number of menu items available for program to one or two items
    • Set same price for both menu items for ease of your tracking
    • Provide items at discounted price (off normal menu price) if possible to stretch dollars
  • Allow no more than two meals per order (w/ special exceptions as needed) to spread out meals among community members
  • Schedule pickup times from 11 am to 1 pm to space out people and respect social distancing
    • Use care to ensure people don’t congregate and violate social distancing
  • Use a pre-ordering process on Monday before your Tuesday to ease burden on kitchens and order takers
  • Publicize to those picking up meals that tips are appreciated by the staff
  • Focus on having operations that can cover costs and make a small profit but don’t focus on profit as the motive
    • Marketing is a big deal with this program so realize that this is an opportunity to tell your restaurant’s story and expose your store to a new market
  • Schedule staff members dedicated to answer phones, expedite orders and deliver orders to guests who are pickup up meals
  • Use your point-of-sale system to track the names of who gets which orders
  • Promote proper social distancing practices
  • Put your best foot forward to bring in new customers once we’re all back up and running

Takeout Tuesdays Resources

The resources below will help you market, execute and request reimbursement dollars for your Takeout Tuesday program.