The Company Car

The Company Car.

Every awesome brewery should have its very own awesome beer delivery truck. Riff Raff needed something extra cool. We found this gem at a towing company here in town: stripped out and salvaged. It’s a 1967 Jeep Kaiser Ambulance on a 1 ton 1978 Chevy dually pickup frame. I mean, come on. How could we possibly pass up such a thing?IMG_20160616_100804_093

This ambulance has old emblems on it from a sheriff’s office in Oklahoma (ironically, the same county our brewer, Roger, is from! He swears he never rode in this particular ambulance…). It had some work done to it before we brought it on board, and is still in need of a few pick-me-ups, but we wanted to keep the antique, quaint, tough, totally rad look it already has. Something with this much history you just have to keep intact.

In the back we have a crane that can lift kegs, for easy delivery to our awesome customers around town. Kaiser CraneMost recently we parked the Kaiser for the Pagosa Springs Car Show, which happened last weekend here in downtown, and got quite a bit of curious, intrigued, and happy (probably because we were giving them beer) looks.IMG_20160616_100550_885

It is definitely one-of-a-kind, and turns heads whenever we drive about town. People know when Riff Raff has arrived–like our personalities haven’t already alerted you that Riff Raff has arrived–and sometimes they actually are interested in the delivery truck more than what it’s delivering! Which is weird… it’s beer, people. Regardless…

We’ve decorated the Kaiser with a few of our logos on the outside, but have decided the inside needs some decorating of its own. And we want to open up the chance to be a part of Riff Raff history to our amazing beer-drinking friends out there.IMG_20160616_100516_912 Have a rad sticker you want added to our delivery truck? Send us your stuff! The kegs are so lonely in the back with no art on the walls. You wouldn’t want the kegs to be sad, would you?



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You guys are the best! Cheers!