Weekly Update: February 2, 2013

by Riff Raff Admin Feb 02, 2013 0 comments

Brewhouse preparation continues as we try to figure out how to fit in all the equipment we need to brew some great beers. We’ve been working the last week to tear out the existing floor in preparation to cut a trench for the floor drain into the concrete.

Buildings with character are great–ours was originally built in 1896–but sometimes “character” is a pain in the ass. In our case, we’ve removed a wood floor that was followed by 1″ foam padding headered by 2″ X 4″ studs drilled into the concrete with masonry screws. After that, a menacing-looking layer of indoor-outdoor carpet remained and certainly the glue would prove to be something out of the Manhattan Project.

Kindly, the tear-out of the carpet was very simple and we should be home free! Awww…but therein lies the problem. The base layer on top of the concrete slab–some combination of Soviet-era linoleum and super glue–overlays the concrete we need to expose for the cutout next week. After heating and sniffing the glue, we’ll remove the linoleum using a tile chipper (or is it a linoleum chipper) and the bare concrete will expose itself for improvements next week.

Or at least that’s what we hope…

Along with the floor conditioning, we’re making some changes to the small closet that will become the Riff Raff milling room where malted barley is crushed to become raw ingredients for beer. We need to make room for a couple of five-foot doors that will allow us to move brewing equipment into the brewhouse…equipment that is quite important when opening a brewery, we’re told. Milling room changes proceeded well today until we realized we need to move a doorway and a few electrical outlets and light switches. Guess it’s time to make a call to the electrician!