Wolf Creek: Epic Days and Why I Love It

We all know how special Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek are.  From loads of epic powder days, soaking weary bones in the “Healing Waters,” and of course, sipping on Earth Powered Beer, we certainly have it all!


Now, I’m not trying to brag or anything, but with articles like this coming out more and more frequently, it’s getting difficult not to.  In fact, I used to take Pagosa and the surrounding area completely for granted.  I was born and raised in Pagosa Springs and my number one priority growing up was to get out of town as soon as possible!  I never realized how lucky I was having miles of wilderness out my back door with a plethora of opportunities for hiking, biking, snowboarding, and river play.  Fortunately, it only took 5 years of living elsewhere and traveling abroad to figure out how awesome Pagosa Springs is.  I moved back to Pagosa in 2012 and have been amazed ever since…of course, it helps that I get to tend bar at the coolest brewery downtown!

As we continue to grow, as a community, as a brewery, as tourist destination, it’s important to remember what it is that made us all fall in love with Pagosa in the first place.  I love running into friends at the grocery store, on the slopes of Wolf Creek, or at the bar, no matter if I’m slinging beer or enjoying a libation of my own.  I love being able to walk my dog five minutes from my house to escape into the park on Reservoir Hill, throw discs on our awesome disc golf courses, and splash around in the river running through town.  I love the people.  The people that visit for only a few days out of the year.  The people that have lived here for generations.  The people that support Wolf Creek and Riff Raff, sharing their excitement with friends and family.  I love that Riff Raff has become an integral part of this community. I love that I can be a part of such a company.

What are some of the things you love about Pagosa Springs?


–Madeline Bergon